Zac Trolley

About Me

Zac Trolley is an experienced project engineer with a diverse background and skill set. In addition to his technical aptitude, he is also an intrepid adventurer, dabbling futurist, and talented communicator. Driven by a passion to see humanity expand beyond Earth’s gravity Zac has invested a larger portion of his time to understand how humans could live on Mars. It’s his goal to gain experience building infrastructure everywhere on Earth so that he is on the top of the candidate list when building starts on Mars. 

Zac holds a technical diploma from SAIT, and an electrical engineering degree from Lakehead University and a space studies certificate from the International Space University. He has over 10 years of experience in managing engineering workflows in the Canadian energy sector. In his spare time he enjoys outdoor activities, video games, working on Mars simulations, and growing bonsai trees. 

He lives in Calgary Alberta with his wife and two cats.