Zac Trolley

‘an impediment to peace’

An impediment? Without exaggeration, Israel and Palestine have been discussing peace for as long as I can remember. The impediment in the process that Canada, the US and Israel are referring to is the willingness of the Palestinians to be subjugated. I really don’t see how any action on the part of Palestine could make matters worse. They have no capacity for war, and the only recourse they have against the creeping hostile takeover of their territory is to launch rockets and throw rocks at tanks.
This isn’t a religious or ideological debate as so many people would have you believe. In North America, any negative opinion is labeled as antisemitism. The Jewish people have the capacity to do wrong. Previous suffering and historical caricatures do not vindicate them from evils they are committing today. Both sides have committed violence and continue to. Rational thinking requires us to ignore the hype and rise above placing blame for who is to blame for the most recent attacks.
In 1947, the West Bank and Gaza was set aside for an Arab state. The 1947 UN resolution also created the state of Israel. In 1967 Israel took the West Bank and Gaza by forced and occupied it. What stands out here, is that Israel is an occupying force that has taken territories by force. The people who live in these territories want to throw off their oppressive occupiers and live freely in their own country.
Yes Mr Baird, the creation of a country for the Palestinians to call home will create tension. Manly because it will end at decades old occupation that the international community has white washed and ignored. The Palestinian people don’t want to negotiate until Israel stops building homes for their citizens in Palestinian territory. By opposing the vote Canada shows the world that we don’t want the two sides to have equal footing. The policies of Israel create the tension that leads to violence. By siding with the politics of the current Israeli government we oppose a peaceful resolution.
I want Canada to stand on the side of freedom, not oppression.