Zac Trolley

Justin wants our questions

If you take a walk, skip and a jump over to the Liberal website, you will see something interesting. Justin Trudeau is asking Canadians what questions they would as the Prime Minister. This is exactly the sort of activity the internet was made for! Long Live Direct Democracy! It has yet to be seen if the questions will be asked, or how many they will get or how well this experiment will work in general. But in a twitter world, my hope is that this will become more common place until it’s the norm.

For what it’s worth, here’s my question. As a space enthusiast and future Mars Colonist, I’d love to know the answer to this.

Mr Speaker, our military needs to be equipped and able to fight along side our allies for the safety of all Canadians. The F-35 program is intended to help keep pace with our allies and enemies and providing the Canadian military with new capability.
The program unfortunately reinforces the brain drain trend where Canadian talent leaves to where the opportunity is. Not only does this increase costs while putting quality control out of Canadian hands, but also puts Canada at a disadvantage to compete in emerging industries such as private space flight. Judging by the popularity of Cmdr Hadfield’s online presences there is a generation of Canadian’s who are interested in space and the Canadian Space Agency.
How does the government plan to use the momentum created by Cmdr Hadfield to increase the Canadian presence in the private space industry, there by remove the military’s reliance on international engineering and lowering the cost of military procurement?