Zac Trolley

Calgary Low Income Housing

A story appeared this afternoon in the news about the rich living in subsidized housing that is meant for the poor. The news story is about renters making over 120K a year and still living in subsidized housing. Omitted of course, is that they would have had to be making much less when they applied. The real story here is the comments on the CBC website.

DonaldMorin Says

I agree, get rid of these people who are taking advantage of less fortunate people who could be living there and getting back on their feet. How dare these people do this, unacceptable

dave777 Says

How does this not surprise me.

Immoral magots are stealing from those in need. And Calgary makes such a big deal on a recent low cost housing. When I first heard of that I got angry and commented that there is likley little need for 1/2 the able people going into governemtn built low rent brand new housing.

Reality is, these places need to be strictly limited to those in real need such as blind, spinal injuries and people that really are disadvantaged. But oh no, just another huge waste of taxpayers money for maggots and lazy government unions.

These people steal precious social dollars from those that really need it.

So why are not union members evicting the high income earners? Like CFIA, not doing your jobs?

Over at the Huffington Post 8tonyryan Says

What do you expect from a province where a recent premier visited a homeless shelter so he could mock, ridicule and insult the people living there because they were homeless and out of work. This is the Alberta Conservative mentality. They exist to serve rich white men only, the less fortunate are to fend for themselves. The Conservatives take care of their buddies, even if it means setting them up in subsidized housing meant for the less fortunate. Absolutely disgusting if you ask me. The rich live off the backs of the poor under this Conservative regime. They have no shame and no scruples. Are you listening, Redford???

The current 2012 Core Need Income Threshold (CNIT) rates for the City of Calgary are:


  •        1 Bedroom         $37,500
  •        2 Bedrooms        $46,000
  •        3 Bedrooms        $53,000
  •        4 Bedrooms        $57,500
  •        5 Bedrooms        $60,500

Basically, we have people who were accepted into the program and thrived under it. They applied for subsidized housing and they were able to increase their income under the program. HUZZA! The system works! What’s getting lost in the story is that these people had to be low income at one point to get into the program. That means it’s not a story of rich VS poor, but poor becoming rich.

The news story commentators and the CBC poll seem to forget that this is a success story. We don’t have people with high incomes getting into these programs, we have people getting into these programs then finding high income jobs. Now that they are successful, we are calling them “maggots”, claiming the system is set up for “rich white men” and that this behavior is unacceptable. Is it too much to ask for everyone to take a breath? We are so quick to throw stones. Somehow, as soon as we cross an imaginary line from poor to rich we are fair game; we are no longer people, with hopes, dreams a fears.

Let’s celebrate the success of our fellow citizens. Let’s create legislation that is fair. Let’s not force people from their homes. Homes that are happy places for them, since it represents the foundation on which they were able to shape their now better life.