Zac Trolley

TTC Shooting

Earlier this week, a young man was shot and killed by police in Toronto. This incident angered many people and there were protests. I understand being angered, but I don’t understand protesting police action in this case. The police were completely justified in their actions. Here’s a synopses of the events. Here’s another zoomed in view where you can clearly see the knife. There are those who believe that threatening people with knives does not warrant swift and possibly deadly action.

Saeed Selvam says “The city’s buzzing. Excessive use of force would be an understatement.” in relation to the police action. I can’t agree with this. A knife is a deadly weapon. Sammy Yatim threatened civilians prior to the shooting. He was uttering threats to the police officers. The police are in place to protect the public, including themselves. The MythBusters do an excellent job of showing that knives are deadly weapons.

If you are prepared to use deadly force against someone, you have to be prepared for it to be used against you. It’s this point that the protesters don’t understand. When you cross a line and threaten others, you forfeit your own safety. While the situation is tragic, when Sammy pulled out a knife he sealed his fate. Let’s not go after the cops on this one. Lets work on preventative programs so it doesn’t get this far again.