Zac Trolley

Spartan Sprint

Yesterday I ran my first Spartan Race. I have done adventure races before, but this one was pretty amazing. (If you aren’t sure what a Spartan Race is, watch this video.) It’s a short race, only 5km. But it had some really challenging obstacles. Ropes, balance beams, climbing walls, barbed wire and spear throwing. Every time you mess up an obstacle, you have to do 30 burpees. I didn’t miss a single one, so zero burpes for me. I beat my buddy who has was better cardio then I do just because I didn’t have any penalties.

That’s the great thing about these races; they equalize the playing field. You may be a great runner, but can to keep it up it knee deep mud? What about crawling, jumping or climbing? Can you focus your self when breathing heavy and make it across a balance beam? These races really challenge you in multiple ways. You have to be able to adapt quickly because you don’t know what the course will be like until you are on it.

A big thanks to Curtis and the guys at 2110 for pre-race training. I clocked in around the 37 minute mark. I’m very proud of that.

My race number after running the Spartan Race
My race number after running the Spartan Race