Zac Trolley

Syndicate Wars

The plot is that the world is no longer run by governments, but by mega-corporation. Agents of these corporationĀ battle for control over the minds of the worlds citizen and the worlds resources. It’s a world not unlike the one shown in Snow Crash; with more iron fist in an even thinning velvet glove. Profits come before people and the success of business is the goal. Humans are reduced to cogs in the machine; simple means.

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in, and Canada is a key player. It’s called foreign intelligence gathering activities. Canada is using money that we were told was to be used to fight terrorism and using it to spy on foreign industries for Canadian corporate benefit. These Canadian companies then use this information to win bids in foreign land where they are free to commit human rights abuses that would land them in jail if they did it on Canadian soil. These companies have a long history of doing so, and now they have the backing of the Canadian intelligence agencies to feed them information and to keep growing the Canadian GDP at the expense of the developing world.

Canada is now the enemy; we are the terrorists. We are using military resources to further our economic growth, ignoring the human cost. This leads us down a dark path. It grows resentment around the world for us. We will no longer be welcome in parts of the world. Our reputation is tarnished because we allow this to happen. A $50,000 dollar salary puts you in the top 0.56% of the world. Canada is using it’s power to force the other 99% of the world’s population to provide for us.

We are clearly, shamefully and indisputably in the wrong.