Zac Trolley

Evolution – I don’t Believe it!

When I hear that someone doesn’t believe in evolution, I imagine they are making a scholarly rebuke to commonly held principles or assumptions. There is nothing unreasonable about this, I have this issue with several theories that I simply to not believe.  For example:

I don’t believe in Time. I’m being serious here, I don’t believe time is the constant that we take for granted in out day to day lives. We count seconds, days and months, but there is no “time”. We can also measure distance. A meter here is the same as a meter somewhere else; that is not the case with time. A second is just 9192631770 vibrations of a cesium atom, at relative rest to us. I’ll save the metaphysics for another time, (HA! I’m punny) but it’s enough to know that time is a variable, time travel is possible and I don’t believe in using it as a constant. The sun and the moon care not that we think it’s 4PM on a Tuesday.

I don’t believe in Potential Energy. They teach potential energy as an opposite to kinetic (My school did anyway) as an analogy to stored energy. If I lift an apple, I store potential energy in the apple and it will fall with kinetic energy it I left it go. I find this absurd. If that were the case, I would have to factor in all the gravitational constants in the universe acting on this object, and we do not do this, we factor the earth only. Then we are not putting potential energy into the apple at all, we are creating a distance between the earth and the apple, and that attraction in the gravitational field makes the apple fall, my arm did nothing to the apple. In fact, the higher we lift the object the less the gravitational force. My 10 year old self got quite angry at a few teachers because they maintained potential energy was real. Bah.

 But I digress. When I hear someone does not believe in evolution, this is what I assume. I assume they have an alternate theory that does not use an assumption commonly held but comes to the same conclusion. I still use a watch and I still believe objects fall, but I don’t agree with their common explanations.  This is the only possible explanation I have. I categorize people who reject evolution in the same place I put Unicorns and Tax Free Income, imagination land. That these people may actually exist is outside my understandable universe. They do believe in evolution, they just don’t know it.

Read on and I’ll explain.

Shepherds are in the bible so I’m assuming most people familiar with Christian dogma knows what a Shepherd is. The act of caring for domestic animals lends it’s self to explaining evolution. Any farmer worth their salt knows about breeding animals. By breeding animals with desirable traits their offspring inherit these traits. If we keep doing this, we get different breeds of sheep. This is not natural selection, it’s selection. This is human beings doing the selecting and creating new life forms. These changes are visible because we accelerate the process and monitor it. The changes happen on a human time scale. (SEE! Time as we know it doesn’t make sense!)

Selective breeding is evolution in action. Full stop. If you understand that black sheep have black babies, white sheep have white babies; you understand the underlying concept of genetics. We choose what traits we want, and we breed those animals that have those traits. Over many generations the offspring evolve so they have desirable traits and lose undesirable ones. This is called evolution.

 To reiterate, I do not believe in the theory that evolution-deniers exists; they are simply evolution-don’t-understanders.