Zac Trolley

Mars One Interviews

SAIT Stories – Jan 30

The Gauntlet – Jan 30

The Press – Jan 26

Foundation for Democratic Advancement – Jan 24

This interview was the first in depth interview I’ve done. Topics like Democracy, law, triage, anarchy and greed are discussed. It was nice to be able to flesh out topics beyond the 5 minute mark. The interview is 40 minutes long, so make some tea, and have a listen. The podcast can be found HERE.

101.5 Kool FM – Jan 22

For this interview, I got to the studio a little early. The DJs were working on other bits and I got to see the radio magic. They were mixing, doing traffic reports, taking calls, editing audio… all very quickly and professionally. It was quite impressive, and the interview was a lot of fun.

CBC The Homestretch – Jan 16

X92.9 The Show – Jan 14

I’m glad my gold houseboating shorts got a mention on this one.

98.5 Virgin Morning Show – Jan 14

I don’t have the source audio for this one, it was recorded from a cellphone by a guy in my office. The interview starts at the 44 second mark.

Calgary Herald – Jan 13

Thanks to Annalise for putting my ramblings down on paper and making me look great.

Calgary Sun – Jan 11

I made page 4 of the paper, that was quite amazing to see.

CTV – Jan 10

There was a video interview that went along with the print article, but I didn’t see it because I don’t have cable TV.

Global News – Jan 6th

The Global TV crew came into my office to get a few sound bites for this news piece. Thanks to Francis for being accommodating to my work schedule and acting nonchalant while bringing cameras into the office during lunch.

CBC TV – Jan 6th

This was the first interview I did after the Mars One announcement. I sent them an email about my acceptance and very soon after they were in my condo with TV cameras. You can read about the experience in my blog post.

Kasi Johnston – Aug 10th

My brother works in radio, and one of his colleagues asked if she could interview me about Mars One. This was before I was even finished my application. Kasi, if I make it to Mars, this will be in the history books.