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Mars One in the eyes of Islam

Obviously, I pay attention to news about Mars. It’s usually about missions, funding cuts and new discoveries. This past week I learned that the UAE Islamic watchdog has declared that Muslims must not take part in Mars One, as it is against Islam. According to their site, they issues 337,000 Fatwas last year, so it’s […]

Dec 6th

Today marks 24 years since the killing of 14 engineers who were studying at Ecole Polytechnic. I have a vague memory of the aftermath from when it happened; candlelight vigils, sadness and anger. I was a few weeks shy of my 7th birthday in 1986 and I didn’t understand exactly what happened. I certainly didn’t […]

Russell Brand vs. Jeremy Paxman

Russell Brand is a very intelligent man. I believe that many of his actions that have been attributed to his comedy are outbursts of extreme intelligence that we don’t understand. Watch this video below. It’s a fantastic interview where a passionate man tries to instill the same passion unto someone else. Jeremy is so use […]

Syndicate Wars

The plot is that the world is no longer run by governments, but by mega-corporation. Agents of these corporation battle for control over the minds of the worlds citizen and the worlds resources. It’s a world not unlike the one shown in Snow Crash; with more iron fist in an even thinning velvet glove. Profits come […]

Bullshit jobs

I recently read an article called Bullshit Jobs that very eloquently put into words what I’ve been thinking for a long time. We have the technology to reduce the work day significantly from what it is, instead, it’s the same. Technology has made everything move faster and more efficient.  A single hard drive can store a […]

Russian Gays

Earlier this year, Russia created a new law that will allow them to arrest people who are gay and people who are friends of gays. If you are visiting Russia and you’ve been to a few gay pride parades in Canada, that could land you in jail for 15 days. Even Mr Baird is upset […]

TTC Shooting

Earlier this week, a young man was shot and killed by police in Toronto. This incident angered many people and there were protests. I understand being angered, but I don’t understand protesting police action in this case. The police were completely justified in their actions. Here’s a synopses of the events. Here’s another zoomed in […]

Bill C-425

Devinder Shory, a Member of the Canadian Parliament has submitted a private members bill, C-425. He is pushing to have it’s contents enacted into law. Basically, if you are convicted of terrorism, the bill aims to remove your Canadian Citizenship. You blow up a building, you are no longer a Canadian. His website has lots of graphs […]