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Mars Interviews Part 2

The interviews keep coming, and I’m more then happy to keep answering questions. I think I’m getting better. Hopefully there are people out there that hear what I have to say and become interested in science, engineering and planetary exploration. Here’s a link to my x92.9 interview. It was recorded at 6AM and played back […]

Mars Interviews Part 1

I spent a lovely weekend in Banff to celebrate my good friend Meghan‘s birthday. We had some laughs, some drinks and some skull pancakes. Everything you would want in a birthday. I was pretty tired on the drive home, and I had to work on Monday. I was looking forward to some serious downtime before […]

Mars One: Round Two

On December 30th, 2013 Mars One announced they had sent letters to the 1058 candidates that had moved on to Round 2 of their selection process. Since it was the holidays I had been ignoring my email to a large extent and learned the letters had been sent from the news. I have been chosen […]


This morning as I was getting ready for work, I did a double take while passing Sunshine’s enclosure. She hadn’t been eating properly, and was acting odd the last few months. As soon as I saw her, I knew she as dead. I was expecting it to happen, she was an old girl. You wouldn’t […]

Spartan Sprint

Yesterday I ran my first Spartan Race. I have done adventure races before, but this one was pretty amazing. (If you aren’t sure what a Spartan Race is, watch this video.) It’s a short race, only 5km. But it had some really challenging obstacles. Ropes, balance beams, climbing walls, barbed wire and spear throwing. Every […]

Cookies Part 1

I love cookies. I want to eat cookies all the time. That course of action would turn me into a diabetic fat guy and no one wants that. I tried to make my own cookies with healthy stuff in them, so I could snack and maintain my girlish figure. They didn’t turn out that great. […]

April was Abs month

In March I went to Vegas for the first time and had a blast. Vegas was everything I thought it was going to be, with a sprinkling of adventure for good measure. However, endless pancakes, cheap street booze and all types of entertainment can take a toll on the body. I wanted to reboot myself and get this […]