GOALA Maple Leaf on Mars
26 Jul 2018

Water on Mars!

A paper published in Science presents the data used to determine the existence of an underground Martian lake. The scientists took information from the  radar instrument aboard the ESA Mars Express between May 2012 and December 2015 and came to the conclusion that there is a body of salty water under the south pole of […]

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09 Jun 2018

The 300th episode of the 99% Invisible was about airships.  More specifically, it was about the R101, a ridge airship developed by the British. This airship was one of the grandest airships ever build and the podcast goes into great detail about it’s history and construction. The podcast also mentioned several other famous airships in […]

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29 Apr 2018

Mars in a Decade

This past week, Gwynne Shotwell spoke to the TED audience in Vancouver. At the end of her talk she said she believed SpaceX would be sending people to Mars within a decade. Elon is known for his super aggressive timelines, and Gwynne is the one usually reeling them in. If she says 10 years, that’s […]

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30 Mar 2018

My Mars One Relationship

A recent article by Rae Paoletta got me thinking about Mars One again. She does a very good job of laying out the difficulties Mars One has had, and stay mostly neutral before slanting to the obvious negative angle. I have a complicated relationship with Mars One that isn’t as negative as everyone else’s and […]

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